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Alliance Program

Professionals who have given the responsibility to manage a strategic business relationship on behalf of their company are expected to be able to introduce and/or apply alliance best practices in a very short time.

Our 6 steps modular program facilitates professionals to ‘walk the alliance journey’ in a highly structured way resulting in a reduced risk of failure. Each module is a combination of standardized ‘to do’ lists, easy customizable tools and templates, tips and tricks. We offer 5 hours online support per module focused on the expected outcome of the module and how to get there. If regular internal ‘progress’ reporting is required or extra hours support, we help optimize your performance for an additional fee.

As each module can be bought separately, this program is a very cost effective way for those companies which want to rely primarily on using internal resources to develop their alliance capabilities at their own pace.

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Alliances are corporate investments. Without a clear articulation and understanding of the alliance “raison d’être” at the executive level, the alliance journey is bound for trouble.

This module uses deep, iterative questioning tools to surface the logic behind and desired outcome of an alliance initiative. Consequently another toolset explores how the alliance strengthens and exteriorizes the corporate strategy.


Companies manage a multitude of business relationships, from purely operational to highly strategic ones with suppliers, customers and even competitors. If you ask corporate investment for any specific alliance, you need to demonstrate the added value of the alliance initiative within the existing corporate relationship portfolio. This module helps you scope and deal with that part of the portfolio that makes or breaks a new alliance initiative.


Before you approach potential partners with a collaboration proposal, make sure you prepare your organization internally to outperform as a trusted partner. This module uses stakeholder mapping tools and easy-to-implement change initiation programs in how to maintain executive support, create momentum and reward collaborative behavior at the operational level.


Finding the right company to partner with is an art. Because your company is not buying the other company, traditional due diligence can be counterproductive to find your ‘best in market’ alliance partner.

This module presents you different sets of selection criteria that allow you to choose and formalize those criteria that matter most to your company when engaging in business collaborations. This module also contains a process map on how to handle best competing potential partners at the same time in order to select the best.


Alliances are all about creating seamlessly added value for you, your partner and the customers. Once the partner selected with whom you want to launch an alliance, reality kicks in. This module contains an alliance design kit that helps you shape the unique features of your alliance with your partner : e.g. alliance governance, cross-organizational collaborative processes and risk & reward management, operational planning.


Managing alliances after launch requires regular and honest conversation between partners on all issues that could jeopardize the collaboration and alliance ROI. Well designed health checks objectify ongoing issues and potential risks and allow deepened conversation on how to optimize the alliance operations even more.

This module contains a planning tool with ready-to-use alliance health checks that help you and your alliance partner detect the weak spots in alliance operations in an earlier stage. All health checks are delivered with a specific action-based improvement plan.

What people say

  • Entering a C-level position 6 months ago, I learnt that more than 1.300 business relationships "lived" in our corporate IT systems without oversight on who managed what with which result. The ISO 44001 framework proofed to be an invaluable tool to reshape the way we interact with our suppliers and partners.

    Vice President, Telecommunication services