How many of your partnerships thrive ?

Collaboration is a journey

Our core expertise, advising companies how to become partner of choice

Collaborative company

Strategic partnerships are business investments. Surprisingly enough, many companies don't assess the internal readiness nor develop the corporate capabilities required to successfully implement high value partnerships. Make sure your alliance teams can operate smoothly within your own organization so that partners want to work with your teams again and again.

Partnership management

There are many advantages of outsourcing the project coordination of collaborative business ventures to an independent 3rd party. Especially if internal ressources lack the required experience in managing partnerships, if partners have known conflicting business interests or if one partner doesn't want to dominate inadvertently the collaboration from start.

Portfolio optimization

Companies manage hundreds of business relationships with suppliers, clients and partners. Which ones accelerate growth ? Which relationships outperform expectations ? What managerial best practices should be transferred across the portfolio ? By adding multiple criteria, our experts help you tier your portfolio and focus on those relationships that require extra attention

Onboarding programs

We assist companies during the profiling, screening and on boarding of individuals who'll take a leadership role in strategic business collaborations. We prepare all team members involved, so the newly appointed manager can kickstart the business collaboration in the best of circumstances.

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Our commitment

  • Openminded, inquisitive and inclusive work attitude
  • Work side-by-side with your team until success
  • Deliver services timely and cost effectively
  • Apply advanced project management practices
  • Design change programs compliant with ISO 44001
  • Provide follow up online support during 6 months
  • Operate within flexible contractual agreements
  • Propose non-disclosure service delivery by default

Why work with us

We only hire great listeners. Because it's our job to understand your needs, your expectations, your challenges. We only hire doers. We commit to improve the bottom line of your business collaborations.

Proven practices

We introduce international standards and best practices when working within your organization. Why ? Because, as a result, you'll partner more easily with other companies, big and small, who have already implemented these standards.

Share, trust, achieve

Our team is dedicated to learn and improve every single day. We take pride in developing, testing and applying new insights, tools and techniques that help our clients move forward faster.