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Consensa converts your alliance initiatives into growth accelerators.

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Consensa applies international standards and proven alliance best practices.

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Consensa provides premium consulting services, we work under the strictest non-disclosure agreements where required.

Client's case

After 20 years, a software company had developed organically a portfolio with more than 50 partnerships. After a legal dispute within an ongoing partnership, two fulltime managers were assigned to assume the daily management, including frequent executive reporting, of the top 5 'high risk' partnerships.

Consensa was contacted to introduce alliance best practices and tools.

Our approach

A quick scan of the criteria used to label partnerships as 'high risk' clarified that the legal dispute had installed an exaggerated bias towards detecting worst case scenarios at the expense of developing partnerships with high potential to generate added value for the company. Our consultants introduced additional criteria to tier the portfolio which motivated both executives as operational managers to reboot and deepen the work relationships with their best performing partners.

Client's case

The implementation of customer-centred online services required an accelerated migration of the old intranet into a cross-company digital workplace, partly shared with external partners/channels.

Consensa was contacted to advice on the design and the implementation of the digital workplace.

Our approach

At the start of the project, Consensa steered a number of workshops to detect the business needs in order to define digital workplace concept. While exploring the delicate balance between information, communication and collaboration, our consultants observed that the sponsor didn't perceive the digital workplace implementation as a mean to install a more collaborative, outward-looking corporate culture. We provided an on-the-job education program for the client's team that resulting 2 years later in a showcase digital workplace.