Collaborative business relationships

Future proof with ISO 44001

Transform your organization

Collaborative powerhouse

ISO 44001 provides an organization development framework to organizations which strive to maximize the value of their business relationships with external partners. The framework consists of 8 themes, organized along the generic life-cycle of collaborative business ventures:

  • Operational awareness: vision, values, leadership and objectives
  • Knowledge: strategy, outcomes and implementation plan
  • Internal Assessment: policies, people, skills and collaborative maturity
  • Partner selection: capabilities, roles and responsibilities
  • Working together: management systems and processes
  • Value creation: continual improvement processes
  • Staying together: performant team, monitoring and measurements
  • Exit strategy: disengagement triggers and process

The implementation of ISO 44001 will transform your organization gradually into a collaborative powerhouse. Start to professionalize the way your teams work together today, within and across your organization's boundaries !

Partner of choice

ISO 44001 will specifically bring value to organizations which consider partnerships as a key component of their growth strategy.

Lean and agile

A consistent, phased and iterative approach is required to make your organization ready to apply for ISO 44001 accreditation. Don't loose your time and budget with trail and error, our experts accelerate your teams' journey.

Budget required ?

Our ISO 44001 experts kickstart your organization's journey towards becoming the 'partner of choice' in your marketplace. Don't overspent on consultancy fees, our seasoned experts achieve amazing results working with your team during 4 to 8 days a month.

What clients tell us

  • Entering a C-level position 6 months ago, I learnt that more than 1.300 business relationships "lived" in our corporate IT systems without oversight on who managed what with which result. The ISO 44001 framework proofed to be an invaluable tool to reshape the way we interact with our suppliers and partners.

    Vice President, Telecommunication services