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The website contains publications designed to be of an exclusively informative nature. The information featured on the website is made available by Consensa bvba for the sole purpose of informing you all about the business and activities of Consensa bvba.

The price of Consensa bvba products is provided as information only and not for carrying out transactions. You will need to contact Consensa bvba before embarking on any transaction. Consensa bvba declines all responsibility in the event of any error, delay or interruption in adjustments made to the product price published at the consensaconsulting website.

Consensa bvba provides no guarantee of any kind, explicit or implicit, about the accuracy or completeness of the information featured on websites to which there are hyperlinks in place or to which reference or redirections is/are made at the Consensa bvba website.

Consensa bvba can in no way be held liable for the content of this site or for any use that may be made of it. Nor can it be liable for the content of websites to which a hyperlink exists.

Protection of privacy

Consensa bvba respects the privacy of the users who visit its website. Data entered by visitors on the website is processed for the sole purpose of being able to answer the queries made by visitors. Personal details are only passed on to Consensa bvba staff who deal with individual queries. Such processing may involve the notification or exchange of data between certain entities within Consensa bvba.

Any individual whose personal details have been processed may view that data in person and have it amended where appropriate and, if he/she has good reasons to do so, have it deleted. To do so, he/she should send a letter containing a copy of his/her identity card to the following email:


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Intellectual property rights

The content of the website, in particular the information, programs, brands and logos it contains are protected by intellectual property rights belonging to Consensa bvba its appointees or suppliers. Visitors to these websites must respect these intellectual property rights at all times and will refrain from infringing them in any way.